We’re happy to welcome the UndRground Market to  Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con 2018. Emily Arvidson tells us more about her awesome upcycled art here.
GCMCC: What do you make?
UM: We make Steampunk/Alternative Jewelry and Costume Accessories, using upcycled flatware as our primary media. We also make Custom Cameo Creations, where people choose their components and we make a piece just for them, on the spot.

GCMCC: Why do you make it?
UM: Crafting was my escape in a darker time of my life. Working with my hands, figuring out how to make things gave me the small mental wins I needed to start building confidence. I was able to start dreaming again. I make it because sharing beauty and creativity is how I connect with the world.
GCMCC: What inspires you?
UM: I love being over the top. There is such a wide variety of things I enjoy making, the umbrella of Steampunk just fit. The style was born as a “cosplay” genre, designed to be epic and adventurous. I love it because it is what you make it. You can be decadent and opulent, you can be gritty and heroic, dark and sensual. You can even take already established characters and mix in a steampunk vibe, and it still works. It is style with a story.
GCMCC: What are you bringing to showcase?
UM: We are bringing lots of shiny things to help you build/add to your character: Spoon rings, bracelets, necklaces, and hair clips. Lots of earrings, cufflinks, Hairsticks to choose from. Customizable Cameo pieces can be made into necklaces, brooches or hair clips. And, no Steampunk outfit would be complete without the Goggles!
GCMCC: Why do you believe Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con is important?
UM: It is important because it helps you dream bigger. The exhibits you see here will be beyond the realm of a normal event. It helps people share their ideas, and spark new ones in others. At the very least, it lets people come together and celebrate inspiration.

You can see more of UndRground Market’s work at their Etsy Shop or even better, come see them in person at Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con on March 24 at the St. Petersburg College- Seminole Campus!

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