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Save the Date! Gulf Coast MakerCon 2024 will be held June 8 at University Mall

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Welcome to the Home of Gulf Coast MakerCon!

Welcome to the homepage for Gulf Coast MakerCon, Tampa Bay’s independent, oldest and largest maker festival!

Our 2024 event will be held June 8!

Gulf Coast MakerCon provides an opportunity for everyone to join together to share resources, learn a craft, hone their skills, find career and academic opportunities, try new tools and innovations, and showcasing everyone’s amazing creativity!

In between events, we invite you to use these pages  and our related social media to connect with other makers, share your events and programs, and learn about different creative opportunities and resources.

Together we can Make the Florida Gulf Coast Amazing, Personally Fulfilling and Economically Productive!

Something For Everyone!

Gulf Coast MakerCon 2024 will have something for everyone, including drones, robots, visual and performing arts, electronics and mechanical exhibits and displays, and more!  Look for info soon!

Gulf Coast MakerCon is made possible by these great collaborative partners!