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A young maker marvels at what she’s discovered during our 2018 Gulf Coast MakerCon event.

While we had to take a hiatus in 2019 to open AMRoC Fab Lab, the new headquarters for Gulf Coast MakerCon, and then unfortunately again in 2020 due to COVID-19, we were able to host a mini maker festival in May of 2021 in and around AMRoC, and online.

We’re looking forward to return to a larger scale public event in 2022, in Uptown Tampa – not far from the site of our very first event in 2012.

Thanks to event partners University MallRD Management and the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation, future events will be free and open to the public!

Welcome to the Home of Gulf Coast MakerCon!

Welcome to the homepage for Gulf Coast MakerCon, Tampa Bay’s independent, oldest and largest maker festival!

Gulf Coast MakerCon provides an opportunity for everyone to join together to share resources, learn a craft, hone their skills, find career and academic opportunities, try new tools and innovations, and much more, and we look forward to rescheduling the event and showcasing everyone’s amazing creativity!

In between events, we invite you to use these pages  and our related social media to connect with other makers, share your events and programs, and learn about different creative opportunities and resources.

Together we can Make the Florida Gulf Coast Amazing, Personally Fulfilling and Economically Productive!

Something For Everyone!

Gulf Coast MakerCon 2022 will have something for everyone!  Look for drones, robots, visual and performing arts, electronics and mechanical exhibits and displays, and some fantastic new maker experiences we’re introducing this year, like HADO AR automotive tech and more!