Scott with co-host Daniele Mendez

The best part about being a maker is that you get to do what you love. And the PLuGHiTz Live team is a perfect example of just that. Located in Largo FL, PLuGHiTz Live is an independent broadcasting company that covers the world of gadgets, gaming, internet and media.

Along with their Flagship Show, F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, they travel the country going to technology conventions and maker events, as well as robotics competitions. Along with Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con, their favorite shows to attend are CES, Collision Conference and ROBOTICON Tampa Bay. Founder, Scott Ertz, has a true passion for ingenuity and innovation. He and producer Michele Mendez love to discover all types of new products and ideas to showcase in their broadcasts.
Along for most of the events are co-hosts Daniele Mendez and Marissa Schiereck, who bring their own personal flair to the coverage. Each team member has their own favorite type of technology and when combined with their shared love of all things geek, sets the stage for a fun show no matter the venue. They have a blast during their interviews whether speaking with tech giants, inventors or kids on a robotics team. They make every show an adventure because they love what they do.
Having covered our previous Comic & Maker Con events for the past four years, we are thrilled to have them back to interview our new and returning makers for this year’s Gulf Coast Comic & Maker Con. Check out their show and special events coverage at

You can check out PLuGHiTz Live coverage – live! – in the Makers Market at Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con this Saturday, March 24!

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