Matt Sherman is a big fan of James Bond, so much so that he runs Bond Fan Events, and also makes related props and costumes.  Check out his story and see what he’s bringing to Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con 2018!

GCMCC: What do you make?
MS: I make James Bond props and costumes and also Bond fan events.
GCMCC: Why do you make it?
MS: Bond fandom has lasted 60 years and I love bringing fans together. I have events this year drawing all ages from teens to octogenarians. It’s fun to meet actors and filmmakers in person and as much or more fun to spend hundreds of hours researching 007’s locations, history, food and more.
GCMCC: What inspires you?
MS: It is inspiring when fans are enthusiastic and accept fans who far different preferences for their favorite actors, music, films and books. We discuss vigorously but no fights have broken out at my events!
GCMCC: What are you bringing to showcase?
MS: Having hosted hundreds of Bond insiders including actors, authors and filmmakers, I will be revealing many insider stories past and present, including the future of Bond, that the public has no access to learn.
GCMCC: Why do you believe Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con is important?
MS: The GC Maker & Comic Con’s founders are filling a great need in the area. Success of this con has been strong from the start, so I’m willing to drive hours each way to participate and be part of the action.

Thanks, Matt! We agree, and we’re glad you see the vision and goals of Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con, as a place for a great creative community to gather together and celebrate the things we all do and love.

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