Make America Make again. -P. Edwards
gregGreg Serio runs The People of Manufacturing, a full service Manufacturing Consulting firm dedicated to the success and growth of American Manufacturing.  Greg’s personal mission is to prove the value and role of the American skilled tradesperson, and believes that investing in people is the only way to get a true return on any investment.  Greg has identified a number of challenges in modern day manufacturing, including:

  • A generation gap within the industry,
  • A  journeyman trade without any apprentices, and
  • An aging, stressed out  labor force with no younger replacements

He believes there’s a strong connection between the Maker community and the Manufacturing community and sees Gulf Coast MakerCon as a great way to showcase Making at the large scale as well as the smaller scale.

0811_thegrommet_infographic_646wIf there is any community in our country that can make the biggest impact on our Manufacturing Industry and Economy, it is the Maker community: A community full of creativity waiting to be unleashed. With your help, we can drive innovation that used to only exist in our mind’s eye.
Combining the natural curiosity of the Maker with the endless possibilities of tooling, we can engineer and manipulate the shape of a piece of metal into a part that could end up in space, or 10,000 leagues under the sea. That piece that is waiting to be made,  that resides only in your head right now, can become a reality.  The beauty of Engineering and Manufacturing is that if it does not exist yet, we can just make it.  We do not have constraints on imagination and that unfettered imagination is what is needed right now in this world.
Major skill gaps, generation gaps, gaps in departments and gaps in-between people have pushed our Manufacturing world into a corner. The only way for this industry to get off the ropes is with you and your imaginations and will power.unnamed-1
You can teach yourself with the resources available for free right now and show this world what you are made of. Manufacturing lost its human touch and it’s time to show the world what we can do when we work together. Me and my team are always willing to put someone in the right direction and get them amped about the endless possibilities in the world of manufacturing.
With your help, we can help shape the future and change the way we make.  I wholeheartedly believe that the Makers of this world hold the key to driving us to Tomorrowland where Hovercrafts and artificially printed hearts exist. It is attainable in our lifetime and it starts with us bridging all the gaps that have been formed.
Hold onto your childlike imagination like it is your lifeline and never let anyone tell you something is impossible!
-Greg Serio