We’re happy to welcome Blossoms of the Heart to Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con 2018 this year.  Artist Christine Samad tells us more about her work and what she’ll be bringing to Saturday’s event.

GCMCC: What do you make?
CS: Many things! I create many different kinds of art. I use bold colors and lines and let my imagination create something unique, fierce and most often cute. I love creating creatures and characters. I have a lot of digital art and paintings. I also 3d model many of the creatures I have created. With the help of my husband, Russel, we are able to 3d print many of our 3d models, including original figures, cosplay, toys, key chains and custom 3d print projects.
GCMCC: Why do you make it?
CS: I am very passionate about toy design for kids of all ages, so come check out our original 3d printed spinners and tops! I love to see a smile come to someones face after they take a look at my art. I most recently began experimenting with paint on 3d surfaces using recycled 3d print parts and and spray paint art. I am also a teacher, and I really love sharing my art and original characters with my students because it inspires them to be creative, and think outside of what they see or know.
GCMCC: What inspires you?
CS: I am most inspired by animation and cartoons. I love nature, bright colors and weird creature combinations. I am a mesh of many things, so my characters are as well. The best part is that I get to create all of these wonderful things with my best friend. My husband is my partner in this venture, and often, he brings my designs to functionality. We most recently collaborated on 3d printed bookmarks and key chains.
We create many projects together, such as customized cosplay or figures. We have several 3d printers at home that he runs and teaches me how to use. Learning how to model and print has been so amazing because I have brought to life creatures that dance around in my head. It all began about two years ago, when we built a 3d printer in our guest room closet. After creating my first Pigcowtopus, I was hooked! So, we have moved our workshop into its own room with more printers. We hope to continue to grow as makers. We are so passionate about it!
GCMCC: What are you bringing to showcase?
CS: You will find many of our art prints, acrylic paintings, 3d printed figures and toys, and buttons at our booth, as well as stickers and a coloring book featuring my favorite characters. Everything at our booth is touchable, so come give a top a twirl and look through our many prints!
GCMCC: Why do you believe Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con is important?
CS: I am mostly self taught, but took several art classes at SPC-Tarpon Campus, so I am so excited for this event! This event is so important because it gives us a chance to connect with each other and the community. That is one of the most fun parts about being a part of an event. I love being in the midst of creativity and supporting my fellow artists and makers. The maker movement is really progressing, and we are excited to see where it goes, and be a part of it! I love sharing what we do and inspiring others as I continue to grow as an artist and a maker.

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