Another legacy exhibitor, Tangible Labs , of St. Pete, has been a fixture at both Gulf Coast MakerCon and Pinellas Comic and Maker Con since the beginning, and joins us again this year for Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con 2018!  Mo Eppley shares more!

We are a 3D printing and prototyping shop. We work on mostly engineering and projects for inventors and can’t really show off their designs. Since we are huge Harry Potter fans so we decided to start making and selling our Wizarding Wonders creations. We 3d print and hand paint our own wizard wand designs. They are super light and people are so surprised that they aren’t real wood.
We have also created IDs and Licenses that every Wizard needs – Quidditch License, Concealed Wand Permit, Ministry of Magic ID, Apparition License, Animagus Registration and more. Available as your favorite character or can be personalized.
We are excited to show off our creations at this year’s Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con, where we know true fans will appreciate our craftsmanship!

Check out Tangible Labs awesome 3D printed items at Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con 2018 on March 24, at SPC- Seminole Campus!

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